Summer Vacation 2006

We had a wonderful summer vacation. We spent lots of time on trains, boats and bikes.



A friend of ours, Bengt, threw a surströmming party. Surströmming is fermented herring. Yep, fermented herring. Ryan was bold enough to try this Swedish delicacy. It certainly wasn't an experience that will be forgotton.

Mushroom Hunting

We went mushroom hunting again this year. We had better luck this time and found more mushrooms than we stepped on.


Eli had a halloween party at preschool. He changed his mind about what he wanted to be several times. In the end, he settled on a tree.


We all flew to Paris for Parke's birthday. Parke and Eli flew on from Paris to the US and Ryan returned to Gothenburg for a few weeks. We will all meet up in PA for Christmas.


Parke and Eli came back to Sweden from the US in the middle of January via Germany. We spent a couple days in Cologne and then a couple in Baden Baden.


Since we are heading back to the US at the end of June, we took our summer vacation in May this year. Among other places, we spent a week in Greece.


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