Eli enjoys making all sorts of creations. He paints, writes songs, makes gourmet meals with Mama, sings the blues while dad plays guitar and has many different interpretive dances.

But his favorite art projects involve building. He loves to make "constructions" as he calls them. They usually represent some sort of vehicle. Sometimes they include track systems for trains and roads for vehicles.

One of his largest installations involved piling everything he could reach in his toy room into a giant vehicle in the center of the room. Mama spent hours uninstalling it.

Parke has a diverse set of artistic talents. Undoubtedly, her favorite (and most enjoyed by the rest of the family and friends) is her cooking.



Ryan's favorite creations involve photography, music and woodworking.

Since most of the woodworking tools are packed away in storage, Ryan has been focusing most of his creative energy on various photography projects.



is a rather loose term in our house, encompassing anything involving creativity and creation.