Bengt is a pretty serious surströmming expert. He even has a surströmming hat from his time in a surströmming society at the university he attended.
The surströmming comes in a can that must be opened under water. When the can is opened, some of the juice "squirts" out. You open it underwater so none if it gets on you. You would stink for days. Each person then takes a fish or two from the can and removes the bones and skin.
Eli had no interest in the surströmming. He said that it was stinky. He went with the hot dog option and had fun playing some Bengt's kid's toys.
Steve spent a long time skinning his fish. He kept pushing the fish around on his plate, moving more and more of the fish to the discard pile. When he finally finished, there was just a very small pile left. It was a pretty good strategy.

After the skin and bones are removed, the fish is spread on flat bread. Almond potatoes and red onions are added. It is all washed down with beer or snapps. I managed to eat the whole thing. The smell was intense.

It was an experience I won't forget.

Bengt's surströmmingsfest -

Bengt had a group of people over to his house for a surströmming party. Surströmming is a famous Swedish delicacy. It is fermented herring. Yes, it is actually fermented. It smells worse than anything you can imagine. Cats won't even eat it. It has been banned from several major airlines for fear of the can exploding midflight.