Eli wanted a "polka dot" pumpkin. So Parke picked up a small one at the local market and we carved the weekend before Halloween. Eli thought the insides of the pumpkin were slimey and he was a little grossed out with the scooping part. Notice the face on him in the picture below when he noticed he had some slime on his arm.

Parke is pretty serious about pumpkin carving. Notice the pumpkin carving kit on the right. It includes several special tools, including a scooper for removing the guts of the pumpkin.

Eli had a great time at his Halloween Party. He was very proud of his costume and he actually left his mask on for a while. When Parke picked him up at Preschool there were only a couple of mangled leaves remaining on his shirt.

Halloween 2006

Eli was a beautiful tree for halloween this year.