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Summer is passing us by and we had a great time with Parke’s family. Ryan’s family will be here towards the end of August. So we’ll be posting some more pictures from those adventures.

Here is a video clip of Eli on his favorite roller coaster. (If you have trouble viewing it, you should install Quicktime available from apple). If it doesn’t do anything when you click on the link, just right click on it and save it somewhere on your computer and then play it.

A glimpse into living in Gothenburg.

Eli had a birthday on August 28th.  Check out Eli’s day here.

We took three weeks to tour through Central Europe. It was an incredible experience.

We spent a weekend in Copenhagen in June with our friends from the US.

We spent midsommar in Stockholm. Stockholm is on the east coast of Sweden while Gothenburg is on the west. It is about a 5 hour car trip to get there.

Trip to Cape Cod

Carving Pumpkins, spooky food, and silly costumes.

Mushroom hunting in the woods.

Trip to London to see Dale Chihuly at Kew Gardens

Trip to Baden Baden, Germany to relax in the thermal waters.

A whole bunch of pictures from Christmas in Gothenburg.

Skiing trip to Sälen

Ryan ran the Stockholm marathon.