This is the Old Wickedpickle!!!

So the old has been upgraded. This is the archive of the old version so you see the old sections. Please go to for the updated website.








We are using IVisit software for videoconferencing.  It’s a free download at  User name:  pwiegman.4924

Contact Info


Ryan: ryan at

Parke: parke at

Eli: eli at

Sorry, the dogs cannot be reached via email. 

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To dial Sweden from the US, it’s country code 46, and you need to drop the leading zero on the telephone number.


Home: 031 - 714 - 0035

Ryan Work/Mobile 031 - 592 335

Parke Mobile 0708 - 425 121




ps– I know you’re all wondering– why wickedpickle?  And the answer is...for no other reason than it was the first random thing out of Parke’s  mouth that sounded good when we realized we needed to come up with a domain name in order to register one.  Sorry it’s not more exciting that that.